EDocs-Embedded Documents extension, cannot view documents...

Hi guys, I wonder if someone would be of some assistance...

I've just installed Edocs on my site so I can allow my visitors to view/read and download some books.

This joomla 1.5 plugin is seamingly pretty easy to setup, all you have to do is add the following code to an article using the Article Manager as below:


You can check out the 'How to use it' page setup by the plugin developer for more details:

I've left the Default Root Folder as 'images/stories' (this is where my PDF document is on the webspace directory) and I've set the code as {edocs}alegaz.pdf,670,700,link{/edocs}
(I did not specify the directory here because its auto-appended by the extension)

and the file permission for the PDF document that I want to display on my site to 775 (for the moment).
and I tried turning off my security extensions momentarily to re-test, but this makes no difference...

However, when I try and the view the document using the extension on my website, the frame displays fine within the webpage, but inside the frame where its supposed to load the contents of the PDF document, instead it shows this message "Sorry, we are unable to retrieve the document for viewing or you dont have permission to view the document."

and lastly, I also turned on the Debug mode thats included with the extension, and this basically displays that correct webspace directory path to the PDF document...

Am I missing something really obvious here?
Your assistance would be much appreciated...
No it's not the permissions, I'm quite sure of that...

It might have something to do with the way I'm defining the file path in the code...I really dont know.

Anyone got any other ideas?
Post a link to the page.

Right, I've got it to work...
I've been testing all along using an Arabic language PDF document...
I tried an english PDF, and works fine...

I didnt think that it would have made a difference, but it obviously does!

Is there anyway I can get E-docs to display arabic PDF documents?

tried a quick google search for some kind of info on this, but theres nothing at all....
@moejoe125 - that's a great tip to know as I have done a few sites for clients in Farsi :)
kenmcd wrote:
Post a link to the page.


I have the same problem (i think)
Would you please explain more what do you mean by that?

Thank you
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