Help: Student Attendance Management in Joomla

I have created a website for my College and want to have free module that allows teacher to mark attendance and allow students to view it and it creates attendance reports as well.

Please experts help me.
I tried that already. It fails to install. Moreover i dont know that how to work in fabrik
aryans14 wrote:
It fails to install.

What was the error message?
aryans14 wrote:
Moreover i dont know that how to work in fabrik

Then you should look for another component that suits your needs in the JED -> However, without diving into the particulars of how a specific component works you will find it very difficult to achieve your goal.
fabric is installed and ok now.
But i dont know how to create forms and work on it.
I have attendence lists of stdnts. Just teacher have to log in and mark chacks on attendance of student who were present. And student must be able to view it.
Please help me experts. Where are you.Where is Joomla Support!!!!
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